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"Your day...

must be perfect!"

Since 2018, I have been dedicated to providing musical entertainment for weddings. My service covers the entire duration of an event, from the ceremony to the final dances. My work begins with planning the music together with the couple, creating the perfect soundtrack for their special day. During weddings, I do not merely act as a DJ, but as a true director of the event: I ensure constant communication with the guests and provide interludes to create interest and variety in the service.

I speak the main foreign languages with good pronunciation and feel comfortable in international events.

I use professional and advanced equipment to meet all needs related to the musical repertoire, audio diffusion, and lighting.

Being a pianist, I offer the option of incorporating the keyboard/piano as musical accompaniment, typically during the ceremony or cocktail hour.

Upon request, I can also arrange for expert singers or musicians to be part of the event.


Cocktail hour


Dancing party

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